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FROZIN sources various seafood products from south-east Asian countries. We offer cooked or frozen seafood products from approved suppliers only, whether it be FDA(United States) or SFDA (Saudi Arabia) , you will receive a product pertaining to your country’s requirements. At FROZIN, we pride ourselves to be a firm that operates in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We encourage our suppliers to apply sustainable practices to catching, farming, processing and packaging seafood products according to global sustainability guidelines such as: BAP, ASC, Global GAP, MSC, FOS, BRC, IFS and ISO. All of our seafood product are either sea-farmed or wild-caught so that the fish are situated in their natural habitat. Our seafood range is as diverse as it can get, from frozen tilapia to cooked and breaded vannamei shrimps, we’ve got it all. The seafood products mentioned in the list below are included but not limited to the seafood products that we source around the world. Send us an inquiry today by filling out the form on ourCONTACT page.

Pacific Cod

(Gadus macrocephalus), this species of seafood is known for its mild flavor, tender texture and white colored meat.

Vannamei Shrimp

(Penaeus vannamei) Also known as Whitleg Shrimp, this species is known for its white color, its natural-mildly sweet flavor and its firm texture.

Milk Fish

(Chanos chanos) Sourced from south-east asia, this fish breed is known for its soft and mild flavoured pink meat.


Whole Tilapia fish can be processed into skinless, boneless and pin bone out fillets. Specifications can be achieved according to your needs. Send us an inquiry today!

Pangasius Fish

Medium size to large size catfish species, our most popular subspecies sold is Basa (Pangasius bocourti).