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Our Commitment

Exceptional sourcing of high quality food products

With over 50 suppliers and 100 customers around the world, our business relies on the relationships we make with our clients. We believe in providing our valuable customers with exceptional service and maintaining good supplier relations at the same time.

At FROZIN, quality is never sacrificed. Our quality control employees oversee production in various approved plants to ensure that products meet our customer’s high quality standards at all times.

Prompt payments are an essential aspect in having good relationships with our suppliers. Regardless of the payment terms, we ensure our suppliers receive their payments on time, every time.

Our Story
Founded in 2018
FROZIN - Fresh Meat Products -


FROZIN  only works with approved firms that produce Genuine Halal and Hand-slaughtered according to Islamic rights products. All of the products that we offer are certified Halal by well renowned Islamic associations and councils. In addition to the certifications and approvals, our highly trained quality inspection managers also oversee the Halal Hand Slaughter process at our production plants to further ensure that your product is genuinely Halal according to Islamic rights and Sharia Law.