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What We Are

A 30-Year Tradition of Excellence

Frozin is an international trading company committed to assisting the expanding international market of distributors and retail customers. We source a wide range of products such as, frozen and fresh meats, table eggs, seafood, dry foods and fresh fruits and vegetables. Our specialty is the sourcing of assured, certified and hand slaughtered Halal meats. Whether it is chicken, buffalo meat or Beef, we ensure that the product is Halal certified and slaughtered according to Islamic rites. In addition to the Halal certificate provided by legal authorities, we ensure that our quality control employees are physically present to oversee production and guarantee that the product meets high quality standards.

You can rest assured that the product you receive is of high quality when you are working with us, we only work with approved suppliers that apply required quality practices in production. Our main priority as a company is to provide our valuable customers with an exceptional sourcing of high-quality food products and to ensure that they receive their products on time, always.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our valuable customers with exceptional sourcing of assured, certified, and hand-slaughtered halal meat and to ensure that they receive their products on time, without exception.

Our Vision

To be a wide-ranging distributor of genuine hand-slaughtered Halal products.